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Meeting Minutes

Minutes August 01, 2020

Call To Order: Mike Curran called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM on August 1,2020.
Pledge Of Allegiance: Mike Curran led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Invocation: Mike Curran led the invocation in memory of the People who have died due to Covid.
Introduction Of Guests: We had no new guests.
Guest Speakers: Diana Love is attending our meeting today.
Minutes Of The Last Meeting: Minutes for June 6,2020 Were approved as read by unanimous vote.
Treasurer’s Report: Elise Brown will give her report next meeting.
VIII.Old Business
We discussed the Wellness Program and Mike checked and found out that we are not multi marketing when we call for the Wellness Program.
Mike indicated we may need a FEC license to print out the door hangers.
We asked for 3 questions for DMC to issue to the candidates forum for the Desert Mountain Coalition Candidates Forum. Originally it was scheduled on Sept. 19,2020 at Victor Valley College but now due to Covid it will be held virtually on Zoom. The list of candidates will come out soon. The moderators will be Diana Love, Karen May in charge of Zoom, and Kristen Washington the Chair of the Democratic Central Committee.
Mike asked for 3 questions to be asked of candidates for the Desert Mountain Coalition candidate Forum. There was an e-mail sent out asking for each member to send their questions and e-mail them back to Mike Curran.
The candidates that are endorsed by the DNC are the only persons who can take part in the Desert Mountain Coalition Candidate Forum. Some members felt all candidates running should be able to take part with the forum. Bob Conaway stated that our club can still endorse the candidates our club would like to have represent us and the DNC still can make its decision to endorse. Denise Wells stated that she takes offense to the statement “discrimination”. Her personal feeling is that all candidates should be able to take part but she is obligated to follow the rules that have already been approved.
Mike stated the next meeting is August 11,2020 for the chairs and Vice Chairs of the DMC. Denise will take these issues to the next meeting to allow them to be informed about our members concerns.
Barbara Dew spoke about her qualifications for Victorville School Board. She has given diplomas to graduates of Victorville High School. She helped the district to get a health and welfare unit to help students who need help. She is working to increase graduation. Lionel is running for Victorville city council and Roger LaPlante is running for Victorville City Council. He wants to focus on the pandemic. He will represent this city.He has been involved in registering many voters.
Lionel Dew is running for Victorville City Council. He is concerned for the health and welfare of our citizens. He has been a member of the military and has seen countries who do not have democracy. He feels this election is crucial for supporting our democratic values.
Roger LaPlante stated that there are businesses who are not following the state rules for having their businesses open. There will be 21 candidates running for the City of Victorville. We need to elect candidates who have all citizens interests at heart. He agrees with Lionel concerning the health and welfare of our citizens.
Mike Curran requested that Roger LaPlante present a motion to nominate Barbara Dew, Lionel Dew and Roger La Plante to be endorsed by our club for the Democratic Central Committee. Roger La Plante moved that Barbara Dew be endorsed by our club for the Democratic Central Committee. There was a second from Doris Gray for Barbara Dew. Roger La Plante moved that Lionel Dew be endorsed for The Democratic Central Committee by our club with a second by Barbara Dew. Roger La Plante moved that our club endorse him for Democratic Central Committee with a second by Barbara Dew. Our club voted unanimously to endorse Barbara Dew, Lionel Dew and Roger La Plante.
There is a new Executive Board for the Democratic Central Committee.They are Kristen Washington- Chair, Stacy Ramos- First vice chair, Second Vice Chair- Jim Gallagher, Third Vice Chair-Leslie Irving, Treasurer- Martina Rangel-Ortega, Recording Secretary- Nancy Glenn and Corresponding secretary- Nicholas Christensen.
Bob Conaway was not allowed to attend a restaurant because of his political viewpoint. So we have not moved forward very much concerning free speech. Free speech should not be a joke. We need to get every voter out to vote for Democrats.
Barbara Dew feels we are going backwards. In regards to democratic rights. She has recommended that the students should not attend school due to Covid. The teachers will work 1/2 a day with students in the classroom and the other 1/2 will be for students who need help. They are working hard to write grants to get the funds our schools need.
Mike asked for more volunteers to help our club. We need more volunteers to support the important tasks to be done by our club before the election.
Bob Conaway thanked those who are working to help our club go forward.
Richard Turnbull said we still need to work for social justice.
Doug Olsen reported that our club website is up and running at Doug said that the website has been updated. He encouraged all members to visit the site.
Last day for Candidates to file is August 7,2020.
50/50 Raffle: No 50/50 raffle was held due to teleconference.
Adjournment: Roger LaPlante moved to adjourn our meeting with a second from Barbara Dew at 1:30 PM on August 1, 2020. Vote was unanimous to adjourn.
Submitted by Secretary Donna Houston.


Minutes June 06, 2020

Call To Order: Mike Curran called the meeting to order at12:07 PM on June 6,2020.
Pledge Of Allegiance:Mike Curran led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Invocation:Mike Curran led the invocation in remembrance of D day and Elises Grandson.
Mike suggested all members go to website. Introduction Of Guests: No new guests.
Guest Speakers: Kipp Mueller is running for the 21st Senate District. He recognized the Black Lives Matter protests. People are demanding systemic change that is lasting. There are changes we need in CA too. He said we need everyone’s help. Senate leadership will help with campaign. He said we need people willing to make calls for Kipp Mueller for senate.Richard asked if there was going to be an office for Kipp during the election. He was unsure due to the Covid issues.
New Membership and get out the vote. This is A wellness check and get out the vote. Mike talked about the door hangers for get out the vote. The door hangers are good because it reminds the voters of propositions and who is running. We need to raise more money for the door hangers. We also need callers for reminding voters to get out the vote. Mike suggested that we get a printer to print them and send them out. Denise asked about an anticipated date for the Door Hangers. Mike felt mailers should go out about Sept 28-30 to Wrightwood, Adelanto, Victorville, Apple Valley and Hesperia. Mike needs to have volunteers to call elderly democrats and the party gives us a number to call. This project is sponsored by CDC. Restructuring of the central committee- there will be a virtual meeting to reorganize. When they have an election they will have a company to certify the Central committee election. Check the county website for further info.
Minutes Of The Last Meeting:Richard made a motion to tentatively approve minutes it was seconded by Roger La Plante.
VIII.Treasurer’s Report: Elise Brown our treasurer could not attend our meeting today due to the death of her grandson. Donna Houston gave Elise’s treasurer’s report. Elise reported that Doris Gray has paid her dues and is now a member. Elise reported that our balance as of this month is $1,957.55. The treasurer’s report was accepted subject to our year end audit.
Old Business: Contact NAACP for any Black lives Matter Protests in this area.
New Business:Clayton Moore announced a zoom school board meeting on Wednesday.
Announcements:Tentative Candidate Forum scheduled for Sat Sept. 19,2020 At Victor Valley College 1-4 PM in Student activity center. Tuesday June 9 a meeting on homelessness. Go to city of Victorville website to get more info.
Open Forum:Barbara Dew reported that there might not be any cuts for schools. There is a big liability problem in the state because we don’t have vaccine for Covid. Unemployment is very high in the state. We need to have systems for distant learning. On the racial problems we need to work on housing, employment and education.
XIII.50/50 Raffle:We had no raffle.
XIV.Adjournment: Richard Turnbull moved to adjourn with a second by Doug Olsen. Meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM. Next Meeting August 1,2020.
Submitted by Secretary-Donna Houston



Adelanto Victorville Democratic Club Minutes General Meeting
Date: Saturday, April 4, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM
Place: Telephone Conference Call Meeting

I. Call To Order: Mike Curran called the phone conference meeting to order at 12:00 PM
II. Pledge Of Allegiance: Was led by Chris Bubser.
III. Invocation: Mike Curran asked for a moment of silence for citizens who have contracted corona virus.
IV. Introduction Of Guests: No new guests
V. Guest Speakers: Chris Bubser is running for the CA-8th Congressional District. Chris Bubser wanted to             check in with us concerning her election. She called attention to her notices she sent out. She stated that         they were very intentional in trying to get targeted voters. They reached about 41% of targeted voters.            She added “We can win this election.” She is very grateful to all who have been helping. She informed us            about a Group entitled “Swing Left”. They are trying to swing the Congress Left. She suggested looking                them up and lending support to them. Chris Bubser invited us to attend the Healthcare Townhall. Today            April 4, 2020 at 3:00 PM. The Phone # is 1-669-900-6833 then type in the ID # 586332096. Chris Bubser        has a biotech background. She feels our Healthcare needs to be reformed. She suggested we look at the           High Desert Mutual Aid Society Group on Facebook. It is for people to help each other. Richard Turnbull           asked if she has put signs on the highways. Chris stated that they are addressing the signs on the highway.
Kip Mueller is currently running for the CA- 21st Senate District- He did not attend our conference call.
Diana Love- She will be sending a notice concerning a conference call to all Presidents for a Region 9                   conference call next Saturday.
VI. Minutes Of The Last Meeting: Donna Houston gave a synopsis of the minutes of the January 4, 2020                  meeting held at Lil Bit of Country. Elise Brown moved to approve the minutes and Richard Turnbull                      Seconded the motion. Members voted to accept the minutes as read.
VII. Treasurer’s Report: Elise Brown reported that there is $1904.80 in our treasury. She paid out $67 to the          Post Office for 6 mo. leaving a balance of $1837.80 on Feb 27 2020. The treasurers report was accepted          pending year end audit.
VIII. Old Business: Mike stated we need to put in as many people into the census as we can because that                      affects how we are represented by government.
IX.  New Business: Donna Houston reported on the Senior Citizen Contacts that have been added to                  To contact our club use the following e-mail, it will be used for contacting            all members about meetings. All members need to send in their e-mail and phone numbers.
X.   Announcements: Roger La Plante reported there are 421,610 voters in San Bernardino County with a                47% turnout in the last election. He suggested that we can go to to view current statistics          and see at a weekly report.
XI.  Open Forum: Barbara Dew told us she has been traveling. She reported that all Victorville School sites                are being deep cleaned while distance learning is going on. On March 12,2020 Barbara Dew was given              an award by the state for work as school board member. For corona virus there are hygiene stations for            the homeless. The Schools had unused masks which were donated to the hospitals. There were also 480            facial respirators donated to the hospitals. They schools saved out some masks for distance learning                     teachers. The Schools are feeding breakfast and lunch to students. Testing has been waived for                               students to get into college.
XII. 50/50 Raffle: No Raffle was held.
XIII. Adjournment: Elise moved with a second by Richard Turnbull to adjourn all members voted to adjourn               at 12:58.PM April 4,2020 by conference call.
XIV. Respectfully submitted by Donna Houston, Secretary.


Minutes January 04, 2020

I.    Call To Order: Mike Curran called the meeting to order at 12:30 PM On January 4,2020
II.    Pledge Of Allegiance:Mike Curran led the Pledge of Allegiance
III.   Invocation: Mike Curran led the invocation.
IV.   Introduction Of Guests: We had no new guests
V.   Guest Speakers: We had no speakers.
VI.   Minutes Of The Last Meeting: Minutes will be presented at the next meeting due to not having a                             quorum.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     VII.  Treasurer’s Report: The balance in our treasury is $1896.80 given by our treasurer Elise Brown.
VIII.  Old Business:                                                                                                                                                                                                                             A. The new slate of officers were sworn in by Richard Turnbull.
B. Mike Curran explained why we are including the code of conduct into our bylaws. Two                                                  conventions ago there was poor conduct during the convention so the party decided to include a                            code of conduct into the bylaws. We need to include this into our bylaws to be in compliance with                          the state bylaws. There was also disruption in the Central Committee so the Chair of the Central                           Committee shut down the meeting due to disruptive behavior during the Central Committee                                    Meeting.
IX.   New Business: Mike Curran will take the Club charter Renewal to the Central Committee on January                  9,2020.
X.   Announcements: Clayton Moore reported on the conferences he had attended through Victorville                        School District.
XI.  Open Forum: There was general discussion of current politics and concerning changing developments              concerning our United States President.
XII.   50/50 Raffle: No 50/50 raffle was held.
XIII.  Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM.
XIV.  Respectfully submitted by Donna Houston, Secretary.