2022 Membership Application


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Democratic Club

2022 Membership Application



$20.00/year per person



Make checks payable to: ADVDC (Adelanto-Victorville Democratic Club)

Memo: 2022 Membership Dues.  Note: Dues runs from January to January.


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Mail this form and check To:

P.O. Box 41
Victorville, CA 92393


    • Roger La Plante on January 24, 2021 at 6:38 pm
    • Reply

    Do you have a copy of the By Laws?

    1. Yes! It needs to be retyped and printed

    2. I. Name:
      The name of this organization of this organization shall be Adelanto Victorville
      Democratic Club.
      II. Purpose:
      The Adelanto Victorville Democratic Club (hereinafter called the Club) shall focus its efforts:
      A. On building its membership from registered Democrats.

      B. Recruiting people to the Democratic Party in Adelanto-Victorville.

      C. Publicize activities and support Democratic candidates.

      III. Affiliations:

      A. The club is affiliated with the San Bernardino County Central Committee
      (hereinafter call the Central Committee) and was duly chartered by the Central Committee.

      B. As a chartered and affiliated club of the Central Committee, the club shall comply with bylaws of the Central Committee and the California Democratic Party as they apply to fully chartered local affiliates.

      IV. Membership Requirements:

      A. Qualification: Any individual qualifies for Club membership.
      1. The individual is a registered Democrat.
      2. The individual is ineligible to vote (due to age minority, non-resident or other legal impediment), but pledges to register as a Democrat when eligibility is attained in the District.
      3. Supports the purpose of the Club as stated in Article II.

      B. Active Membership: A qualified individual shall be considered an active member only if:
      1. The member has paid all Club dues.
      2. The member has attended at least one meeting prior to being eligible to vote.

      V. Dues:

      A. Each member shall pay dues on an annual basis, as follows:
      Individual – $15, Student (full time) – $10

      B. Dues are due on January 1, and payable by January 31 of each calendar year.

      VI. Meetings:
      A. Regular Meetings.

      1. The club shall hold regular meetings on the first Saturday of each month.
      2. Regular meetings shall not be canceled more than 3 times in a calendar year.
      3. No more than 2 regular meetings shall be canceled in succession.

      B. Special Meetings:

      1. Special meetings may be called by the chair at any time, on notification as specified.
      2. In the absence of the chair, any three officers may call a special meeting on notification as specified.

      C. Notice of Meeting:

      1. Notice of regular or special meeting shall be given at least 7 days in advance to all active members, in any manner as follows:
      a) Notice in writing by U.S. mail.
      b) Notice in writing by e-mail.
      c) Telephone message

      2. The notice shall contain the date, time, and place of the meeting.

      VII. Rules for Meetings:

      A. The club shall use the newly revised Roberts Rules of Order to govern parliamentary procedure at all official meetings of the Club, except as specifically noted in these bylaws.

      B. A quorum for any official meeting of the Club shall be 15 percent of the total membership or ten members whichever is smaller.

      C. Unless otherwise specified in the bylaws, the Club may adopt events and conduct regular business with a vote of 50 percent plus one of the members present at any meeting.

      D. The Club may pass resolutions not related to endorsements with a vote of 2/3 of those present and voting at any meeting.

      E. A process to consider the endorsement of candidates must be approved prior to any suggestions of endorsements. If the discussion of an endorsement process is notice in the meeting agenda, such process must be approved by at least 2/3 of those present and voting at any meeting. If the endorsement process is brought up from the floor as New Business, such process must be approved by at least 4 of those present and voting at any meeting. The Club may not consider the endorsement of any candidate for public office who is not registered with the Democratic Party. The minimum threshold for endorsement in a race with multiple Democratic candidates is 2/3 of the members present and voting.

      F. The club may suspend specific portions of these bylaws and/or Roberts Rules of Order for purposes of emergency business by a vote of 2/3 of the membership present at the meeting, unless the item to be suspended calls for higher qualification. In that case, the percent specified in that portion of the bylaws shall be required to suspend that text. The motion to suspend shall call out the particular section of the bylaws to be suspended.

      G. Changes to the bylaws not specifically referenced elsewhere must be noticed to the membership at the next regular meeting before the vote in question, and must be approved by 2/3 of voting members at the meeting.

      VIII. Officers:

      A. The club officers shall consist of the chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer.
      They shall be elected to serve a two year term, starting with officers elected in January 2018.

      B. The election of officers shall be held in January. If the chair vacates the office, the vice-chair shall ascend to the position of chair, until an election is held to fill the chair’s remaining term.

      C. In the temporary absence of the chair, the vice-chair will serve as chair. If the position of Vice-chair is vacant, the secretary or treasurer will serve as vice-chair.

      D. The secretary shall be responsible to ensure all members are notified at club meetings. Additionally, the secretary shall maintain all written records and correspondence of the club.

      E. The treasurer shall maintain all financial records of the Club.

      F. The chair shall officiate at all meetings of the Club.

      G. The chair may appoint members temporarily to fill the unexpired terms of a vacated office subject to election by the membership at the next Club meeting within 30 days after the office is vacated.

      H. The club shall be represented at meetings of the Central Committee and any Assembly District Committee meetings at which it may be entitled to membership. A person may serve as a representative to more than one outside body if the Club membership approves.

      I. The chair may appoint Club members to serve in other capacities as needed.

      J. The Club may elect such officers as may be deemed necessary from time to time to conduct club business.

      Amendment: Social Media
      Section 1.—Account establishment, administration and management
      1. Social media account shall
      a. Be established with simple majority approval by Members in Good Standing in a general meeting;
      b. Have logins documented clearly and without delay in the established shared document for administrators/moderators;
      c. Be voluntarily managed by no less than 1 voluntary MGS and 1 executive board member, both to be approved by a simple majority vote;
      d. Be made available to all MGS;
      e. Not bear the name Adelanto Victorville Democratic Club if these conditions are not met.
      Section 2—Content
      1. AVDC will share and publish only information which is:
      a. Well-sourced, vetted, and fact-checked, if purporting to be factual;
      b. Unbiased, or honest about its biases;
      c. Intended to prompt constructive discussions about relevant
      d. Relevant to the mission of this organization.
      2. ADVC share content shall be:
      a. Events, activities, and action announcements;
      b. Articles on relevant events, government actions, and Democratic
      Party announcements, platform changes, or pending actions;
      c. Published only upon moderator approval.
      3. AVDC moderators have the authority to delete comments &
      interactions or turn off commenting when:
      a. Inflammatory, abusive, derogatory, or diminutive language is
      b. Arguments have devolved to a series of logical fallacies;
      c. Statements are made counter to the mission of, or bring
      disrepute upon the AVDC.

      Section 3—Platforms
      4. The AVDC Facebook Page shall be

      a. Be the open and public-facing connection for the club communications;

      b. Be used to make public-facing announcements, events, and activities as well as sharing platform supported content from vetted news a sources;
      c. Be administrated by no less than 1 MGS and 1 Executive Board
      member. Additional users may be moderators or administrators
      pending nomination by an Executive
      Board member or MGS and majority confirmation by the Executive Board.
      5. The AVDC Facebook Group shall:
      a. Be open only to MGS and prospective members;
      b. Be an internal connection point for club members to share and
      discuss information in between meetings;
      c. Be administrated by no less than 1 MGS and 1 Executive Board
      member. Additional users may be moderators or administrators
      pending nomination by an Executive Board member
      or MGS and majority confirmation by the Executive Board.
      d. Require new member approval by administrators.

      6. Other Social Media Platforms shall:
      a. Be proposed by an MGS;
      b. Be approved by the general body by a simple majority vote;
      c. Be the open and public-facing connection point for club
      d. Be used to make public-facing announcements, events, and
      activities, as well as sharing platform-supported content from vetted
      news sources;
      e. Be administered by no less than 1 MGS and 1 Executive Board
      member. Additional users may be moderators or administrators
      pending nomination by an Executive Board member
      or MGS any majority confirmation by the Executive Board.

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